Sale Yard

Dalrymple sale yards 

Flinders Highway

Charters Towers  

QLD    4820

9 NOV 2018


All bulls in this Sale have:

- passed crush side Veterinary Semen Testing

- ALL bulls have undergone Morphology testing
- been vaccinated for Botulism, 3-Day Sickness and with 7in1  vaccine;
- been blooded with 3 Germ blood;
- undergone pre-Sale tick treatments to allow immediate Clearing Dip inspection for entry into tick-free areas

Entire MAGS offering is morphology tested and J-BAS 7 WA eligible


Vendors and Sale Agents will undertake to co-ordinate the most safe and cost effective delivery of Lots for all purchasers.  Please complete your Buyer’s Instruction Sheet fully and hand in to the Sale office when you have completed your purchasing.


We greatly value your support for our Sale and we are pleased to offer the Volume Bull Buyers Rebate. (See inside front catalogue cover).


Please contact our Selling Agents, Geaney’s or McCaffrey’s Australian Livestock Marketing for assistance booking suitable accommodation in Charters Towers at Sale time.

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